Bookkeeping and accounting

- Assistance to the preparation of the annual accounts package consisting of the financial statements, annual company report and director’s report.
- Presentation of the annual accounts package at the mercantile register for legislation and filing.

Tax services

– Compliance with Tax requirements: Personal Income Tax, Company Tax , VAT, taxes withheld, tax returns forms, Annual Summaries.

– Compliance with Tax obligations of non-residents.

– Tax planning

– Tax advice

– Tax audits

– Advice and assistance for Inland Revenue tax inspections

– International Transfer Pricing Manual.

- Advice on international taxation. Elaboration of fiscal reports.


Labour services

- Labour audits

- Labour management: payroll , contracts and Social Security fees.

- Representation before official bodies: job inspections, administrative bodies, Social Security..etc

- Representation and defense before Social Courts .Appeals against the Court.

- Special Regimes of Social Secuirty : Agricultural and Domestic Service

- IRPF: monthly/quartetly/yearly declarations


Additional services

- Financial administrative services in terms of paperwork required by: Mercantile Register, Accounts settlements office, notary, etc

- Auditing services, provided by external partners Consulting



-  Economic reports

  • Legal claims
  • Due diligence
  • Company liquidation on request of Mercantile Register .

Bankruptcy advice

- Intervention in bankruptcy and insolvency administration

- Advice and preparation of necessary fiscal documentation for creditors meetings, as well as advance notice of Article 5.3 Bankruptcy Law.

- Tax advice for companies in bankruptcy proceedings